Sunday, August 27, 2006

As Not Seen On TV

The casual web surfer might skim over this as an internet ad for one of those dietary supplement infomercials you see on TV:

"Before Valpronex, I was 75 pounds overweight, ate deep fried chocolate cakes for breakfast and led a deeply resentful, unfulfilled life. But now, thanks to the literally gut-wrenching cocktail of chemicals present in Valpronex, I am 75 pounds lighter, have washboard abs, and dreadlocks to boot! Watch me as I sway gently in the breeze, nodding my head to the strains of Bahamen."

The casual web surfer can be forgiven for this oversight. After all, an internet ad is only as intrusive as an infomercial; you can safely ignore the drone of the Valpronex woman and tune back in when 'E! True Hollywood Story' returns after those messages.


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