Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jurassic Pox

Not flaming meteorites, not an ice age; this is what really killed the dinosaurs. Tired of being one-upped constantly by LMB, its rivals traveled back in time so that they could get a headstart on their ads. Unfortunately, to the detriment of dinosaurs everywhere, they traveled back a bit too far.

Weakened with a strange skin affliction called 'state-pox', the T-rex is in the final throes of death. It looks longingly at the sky, wishing a meteor would take it out painlessly. No meteor ever arrives. Thus ends the reign of the dinos -- not with a bang, but with a flash... a flash ad.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Spread the love, that's what I say.

9/11/2006 11:06 AM  
Blogger dev2r said...

IF you're talking about the love of Dinosaurs or LMB, yes, they definitely should be spread :)

9/27/2006 10:20 PM  

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