Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pretty pups all in a row

Every little boy wants a puppy of his own. He would've played fetch with it, taken it to the park and let it run free, held a bone at arm's height and seen the puppy bob for it. The creator of this LMB ad had none of those pleasures, because he didn't have a puppy when he was younger.

In an act of overcompensation, the creator decided to have several animated puppies at his disposal. Instead of a bone, you waved your mouse over them, and they would jump and do a full 360 in the air. If you were computer savvy, you could even make your cursor look like a bone. How many minutes of fun I had with this one! The puppies would rise and fall and rotate with simple back and forth swipes of the mouse.

Thank you, LMB AD Creator, thank you. I feel your pain, because I too did not have a puppy when I was a wee lad.