Monday, September 10, 2007

2007 - A Space Tragedy

'Greetings from Narblok! My alter-gender associate and I have travelled through Sector Psi-Gamma of Space to deliver infinite knowledge and eternal serenity to your primitive earthling species. Our megalocephalic heads contain the combined wisdom of all the Universe, ready to be delivered to the most evolved specimens in your race.

Halt! Why are you pointing your tricorder-like device at us and capturing our likenesses? What strange purpose might you have to replicate our images on a million hyper-web portals and message-repositories? Why are your associates snickering at us?

Hu-man, we return to Narblok. We shall reappear when the cosmic phenomenon you call 'Mortgage Rates' are no longer falling. May your species suffer ten thousand more years of strife and debt for your impudence!'