Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shock and Uh

This is the next step in the evolution of the LMB ads. From its humble beginnings of primary-color clip-art, LMB has taken a long and winding road to reach the movie-like real-life video you see now. It has been a weird and wondrous journey; and this ad ratchets 'weird' up to 11.

Strangely enough, the expression on the woman's face is quite like the expression most viewers get on seeing this ad for the first time. With the head in their hands, they try to grasp what the woman could be advertising with her horror-movie gape. Could it be the two star rating her mortgage has, conveniently displayed to the right?

Or could it be an Escherian twist, whereupon she sees the LMB ad of herself, and realizes what a horrible ad she is stuck in, and turns to the camera in despair, and the camera captures her reaction, and puts it in an ad, which she sees, and realizes what a horrible...

far out, man.