Monday, May 29, 2006

The Smile Enhancer

The credit card business has changed for the worse. The days of 8.99% fixed APRs and infinitesimal finance charges have gone. Realizing too late that the masses do not understand the concept of 'credit', the pushers of plastic nirvana have tightened their pockets.

To educate the public about the new play rules, LMB decides to employ the smiley face and draw a comparison of purchasing power to a crack habit. When the credit score is poor, the smiley face is a grimace of withdrawal agony and anxiety; when the credit rating is excellent, the smiley face becomes bug-eyed in anticipation of the next hit. The intermediate stages of addiction are left as an exercise to the viewer.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Pointy Phase

There was a small period in LMB's creative span when the ad creators decided to go for the simple and direct approach. Much like Matisse's minimalist period bringing about brilliant canvases, LMB's short-lived experimental phase brought forth surrealism in unexpected milieus.

For example, consider the circa 2005 piece titled 'Darrow's Arrows'. In stark contrast to the ramrod-straight arrows with red bowties surrounding it, one arrow with a black bowtie wiggles and quivers its midsection. What a perfect way to illuminate Clarence Darrow's booty-shaking abilities in the midst of boring puritans!

Following the critical success of 'Darrow's Arrows', LMB tried to recapture the magic of minimalism with 'Yellow Pointer to Select Box'. Sadly, this one did not go over well with the artelligentsia.